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Speech writing, article writing, or essay writing? Whatever you need, we have exceptional tutors for you to choose from. Writing can be extremely difficult for many people…our tutors know how to help you progress from novice writer to eloquent writer. Don’t be intimidated by assignments or upcoming exams, our writing tutors will show you how to be a confident and precise writer. Improving your writing skills is easy - let one of our tutors show you how!

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Thomas k. - PHILADELPHIA, PA 19130 (4309.3 mi) - $25/hr.

Thomas k. - PHILADELPHIA, PA 19130 (4309.3 mi) - $25/hr.

motivation, encouraging, caring and compassionate on all subjects. ACS Consultants- TSS, Teacher, Tutor, Counselor for students with disabilities. ESY program for school district of Philadelphia and Charter schools (July 2018-present) Kelly Education Services- -Subteacher-Philadelphia, PA- I work for the School District of Philadelphia-All area of philly, all subjects. (January 2019-present) Sage Education Services- Tutor- Philadelphia, PA, I work with all subjects within the city of philadelphia. (January 2019-present) Self-employed tutor- Tutor select, Tutorz.com, Eduwizards, tutor all subjects. (March 2012-present)- clearances updated-2 IU8- Sub teacher- January 2010-present- four county region- Duties: sub teaching through Somerset, Cambria Bedford, and Blair counties- all general subjects-Bedford, Forest Hills, Richland, Johnstown, Conemaugh Township-41, ... read more

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Spelling, Shakespeare, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Poetry, Literature, Journalism, Grammar, Creative Writing, Composition

Thomas k. - PHILADELPHIA, PA 19130 (4309.3 mi) - $25/hr.


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David D. - Writing Tutor - $67.50/hr. David D. - Writing Tutor - $67.50/hr.

Engaging, motivating, persistent, and "hands on" to bring out the best in my students. My only goal is my student's ultimate success. CPA (PWC - Big Four) / MBA (NYU - in Finance) with 25 + years of accounting, finance, corporate finance, capital raising,investment banking and mergers and acquisitions experience. My skill sets enable me to leverage my academic and career experiences for my students that allows them to bridge and combine their academic course work with higher education and the business world. I am also an Adjunct Faculty member at both Sacred Heart University's - John F. Welch College and the University of Bridgeport's - Trefz School of Business, where I teach accounting and finance courses at both the undergraduate and MBA degree levels. I also tutor for several professional and licensing exams including: the CPA exam, Praxis levels I and II, and multiple FINRA secu

Also Tutors: English, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Grammar, Composition
David D. - Writing Tutor - $67.50/hr.

$ 67.50

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Mike A. - Writing Tutor - $55.00/hr. Mike A. - Writing Tutor - $55.00/hr.

Expert at all descriptive and creative Writing concepts. Particularly good at helping others: 1) be creative; 2) avoid wordiness; 3) be more descriptive; 4) keep focus and relevance; 5) be clear; 6) convince or persuade. If you watch me closely during our sessions, you can see me secretly paying keen attention to you and how you learn best. For example, you might say, "It LOOKS like they want me to factor here." And I'll think, "Aha! LOOKS. Maybe you're a visual learner and like to SEE things explained and SEE examples. (About 80% of students are visual learners.) On the other hand, you might say, "It sounds like they want me to factor here." And I'll think, "Aha! sounds. Maybe you like to HEAR things explained, and you're a keen listener and like to hear things described clearly and specifically. Or maybe you'll say, "I FEEL like they want me to factor here" (as you tap the problem with

Also Tutors: Language Arts, Spelling, Poetry, Grammar, Creative Writing
Mike A. - Writing Tutor - $55.00/hr.

$ 55.00

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Teri L. - Writing Tutor - $30.00/hr. Teri L. - Writing Tutor - $30.00/hr.

As a writer and editor with over 15 years experience writing for online and offline platforms, I expanded my reach to include one-on-one tutoring because of my additional background as a teacher. As a tutor, I work with undergraduate, graduate and international students on all aspects of the writing process. This encompasses brainstorming, outlining, drafting, formatting, topic sentence work, grammar and ESL concerns. My tutees come from all majors including Psychology, Literature, History, and the sciences. I assist with personal statements and research papers, college essays, high school projects, to name a few. Additionally, as a Magna Cum Laude graduate student with a Master's in Organizational Psychology, I am well-versed in AP, Chicago and APA writing styles. Imparting my knowledge to others is tremendously rewarding but watching tutees develop their own writing skills is even more

Also Tutors: English, Spelling, Reading, Literature, Journalism
Teri L. - Writing Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

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Linda H. - Writing Tutor - $35.00/hr. Linda H. - Writing Tutor - $35.00/hr.

Throughout my teaching and tutoring career, I have often found that I can help my students achieve beyond what was expected of them. At the end of this process, my biggest joy is to see my student successfully working on the tasks without my assistance. I've taught in public school and private school from PreK through 12th grade and even adult learners. Elementary students have learned to read. A high school senior learned to do basic math for the first time in his life. Homeschooling my own children was another such amazing time in my growth as an educator. I love sharing my knowledge, or even learning together with my students. One such case was when I coached a parent through her citizenship exam practice. Another was when I prepped a friend for a lifeguard exam that she had failed twice. Seeing my students of all ages succeed is a joy. My motto is if at all possible, I want to ma

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Poetry, Literature, Creative Writing, Composition
Linda H. - Writing Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

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Kendalynn R. - Writing Tutor - $15.00/hr. Kendalynn R. - Writing Tutor - $15.00/hr.

I am a bachelor degree holder in Environmental Studies, with an outside concentration in Anthropology. I also have participated in writing fellowships as a way to further develop my research and writing skills. I have a detailed background in English, a mix of sciences, and research and writing. Through my varied coursework as well as professional job experience, I am a great resource for tutoring on many topics.

Also Tutors: English, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Literature, Creative Writing
Kendalynn R. - Writing Tutor - $15.00/hr.

$ 15.00

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Robert B. - Writing Tutor - $25.00/hr. Robert B. - Writing Tutor - $25.00/hr.

Hello, I'm a tutor of five years. I can teach any age group. I have taught around 1000 k-12 and college students over the course of my career. I'm very experienced in subjects such as math and physics. I can teach basically every level of math. For physics I can teach AP Physics and Physics 1 (College level). I can also teach ELA if needed.

Also Tutors: Language Arts
Robert B. - Writing Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Not available N. - Writing Tutor - $37.50/hr. Not available N. - Writing Tutor - $37.50/hr.

Casual and friendly, I want you to feel as comfortable with the subject as I do. 17 years in medicine and I am looking to help new students in my spare time.I have taught many students throughout my career and helped them become successful. I want you to know the information so it comes naturally for you when the time comes that the material is most relevant. Please be consistent with your work and tutoring for best results.

Also Tutors: Spelling, Reading
Not available N. - Writing Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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ANTHONY A. - Writing Tutor - $85.00/hr. ANTHONY A. - Writing Tutor - $85.00/hr.

My name is Anthony and I have experience tutoring students of all ages all grade levels. I have at least 15 years of experience tutoring and some of the awards I have, I received in middle and high school. I have helped students of all ages, grade levels, genders and of various backgrounds. I have tutored in different areas, from N.Y. to C.A. so I am familiarized with many of the programs and curriculum nationwide. I have background in Accounting, Paralegal, Interpreting/ translating and Social Work. I am also available to help both online and in-person and I incorporate many tricks and tips I have learned and acquired working for school districts and as a paraeducator where I work. I am also proficient teaching Spanish since it is my first language and just took a bilingual test at work where I placed Advanced High. I have availability and am willing to provide any assistance you need,

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Poetry, Literature, Grammar, Creative Writing, Composition
ANTHONY A. - Writing Tutor - $85.00/hr.

$ 85.00

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Daniel F. - Writing Tutor - $105.00/hr. Daniel F. - Writing Tutor - $105.00/hr.

We are a team of experienced teachers and tutors each specializing in our own subject strengths. We provide excellent customer service, possibly immediate or same day for homework help or project completion. Online tutoring is also available with a shared online whiteboard for step-by-step problem solving. We strive to get to the root of the problem be it a test-taking challenge or a problem with foundational concepts. Not very fond of your teacher? Unfortunately, this is often the case. We follow your own pace of learning to achieve results. We love the moment when a student finally understands a topic and starts building self-confidence. We can then use this to change the way a student thinks about a subject resulting in continual improvement and achievement. ABOUT ME: I'm a graduate of UCLA Engineering with a passion for explaining how the physical world works throug

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Poetry, Literature, Grammar, Creative Writing, Composition
Daniel F. - Writing Tutor - $105.00/hr.

$ 105.00

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Michael A. - Writing Tutor - $65.00/hr. Michael A. - Writing Tutor - $65.00/hr.

I can tutor all writing topics and genres. I have been a teacher for over thirty years. My subject area is English, but I have taught many peripheral topics such as Research, Sociology and Communication. I am a writer as well in the genres of poetry, fiction, and travel journalism. I have extensive experience in the area of study skills and test preparation.

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Shakespeare, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Poetry, Literature, Journalism, Grammar, Creative Writing, Composition
Michael A. - Writing Tutor - $65.00/hr.

$ 65.00

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Benjamin T. - Writing Tutor - $40.00/hr. Benjamin T. - Writing Tutor - $40.00/hr.

- 7+ years of ACT test prep experience - Average increase of 4.3 points/student on the ACT - 5+ years of teaching experience, both locally and abroad - Master's degree in English as a Second Language from Hamline University (graduated top 99% of class) - Bachelor's of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (graduated top 99% of class) - TEFL Certified Always prepared and friendly. Always adjusting for the learning style of each student. Hopefully adding humor and humanity to the proceedings.

Also Tutors: English, Reading Comprehension, Literature, Grammar
Benjamin T. - Writing Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

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Alessandra A. - Writing Tutor - $60.00/hr. Alessandra A. - Writing Tutor - $60.00/hr.

Hello! Hi, My name is Alessandra Alessandrini, I am 26 years old and from New York, I am a teacher with a master's degree in education grades 1-6th with special education. I have worked as a babysitter, tutor, and camp counselor. I have worked with various grades and 3 different schools. I love helping students become successful and confident in the classroom!

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Literature, Grammar, Composition
Alessandra A. - Writing Tutor - $60.00/hr.

$ 60.00

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Brittany M. - Writing Tutor - $75.00/hr. Brittany M. - Writing Tutor - $75.00/hr.

I have my BA in English from UC Berkeley and my MA in Teaching Reading and Writing. I have an interactive teaching style. NO WORKSHEETS FOR TEACHING READING. Instead, I use visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching methods, allowing students to engage in the lesson in a fun memorable way. I specialize in teaching dyslexic students how to read. I have my BA in English from UC Berkeley and my MA in Teaching Reading and Writing. I have been teaching systematic reading and phonics instruction since 2009, and am very passionate about teaching reading skills. I am experienced in all the major well-researched reading methodologies. With the program I use, I have watched students jump two grade levels in reading within 6 months of instruction. I teach students skills to decode words using phonics, along with the most common sight words in the English language. To improve fluency and reading

Also Tutors: Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading
Brittany M. - Writing Tutor - $75.00/hr.

$ 75.00

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Kathy A. - Writing Tutor - $45.00/hr. Kathy A. - Writing Tutor - $45.00/hr.

I am a former special ed teacher with a special certification in teaching dyslexicsI have been retired for a number of years.I live in North Kingstown, Rhode Island . I have been tutoring for the past 10 years, And it is truly my joy to watch students succeed with this method I use.I Specialize in the Orton gillingham method of teaching phonics and reading..I tutor in person and online as well. I have many references available at your request. There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping children learn to read. The method I use is tried and true and I have many successful students who have gone on to be very strong readers.Reading is the basis of all learning, therefore helping a young child learn to read is essential for future success.The Orton gillingham method is very specific and teaches all the basics of phonics and uses a unique audio visual and kinetic approach

Also Tutors: English, Language Arts, Spelling, Reading
Kathy A. - Writing Tutor - $45.00/hr.

$ 45.00

average per hour