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Finding a tutor has never been easier!

  • Conduct your own search and select the tutors YOU like best.
  • Decide when and where YOU want to meet with a tutor.
  • YOU control the communications with tutors through our private and secure interface.
  • Negotiate the hourly rate YOU will pay.

Few Simple Steps

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How Does TutorSelect Work for Students and Parents?

TutorSelect is the best place on the web for tutors to find students and students to find tutors. First, you create a Free profile on our website. Then, if you are looking for a tutor, you can create a Tutoring Request. This allows you to search available tutors and contact the ones you like. Remember, using our site is Completely Free for students and parents!

What Makes TutorSelect the Best?

TutorSelect makes finding a tutor EASY! Once you create your Free profile, you can submit as many Tutoring Requests as you like. From your Profile Page you can manage all of your Tutoring Requests, communicate with the tutors you like, and if you want to, you can even pay for your tutoring sessions with a credit card.

Why Choose TutorSelect for Your Tutoring Needs?

TutorSelect has been successfully matching students with tutors for over ten years - you benefit from our experience and our vast presence on the web. Using our site for your tutoring needs, means that you control which tutors you interview, how much you will pay, and where your tutoring will take place.
We even have safety features in place to insure that your tutor is not only talented, but safe. You can search and select tutors from all over the US, so if your high school student in Florida needs an Algebra 1 tutor and your student at college in Ohio needs a Chemistry tutor, you can help them both - all from the comfort of your home. TutorSelect makes it easy to get started, easy to manage, and safe and secure!

How do I search for a Tutor?

Enter into the search box the most specific subject and location as possible before broadening your search. For example search for “organic chemistry” instead of “Science” and search for a zip-code like "33635" instead of "Tampa, FL". You want to get the best possible results the first time. If you do not find a tutor for “organic chemistry,” then try searching “chemistry” to broaden your search.

How do I select a Tutor?

Read the profiles of matched tutors and select the ones that you would like to communicate with.
Read our safety tips

How do I schedule a Tutor?

Once you have selected a tutor that meets all of your requirements you simply make schedule arrangements with the tutor.
Best practices regarding payment arrangements.

What do I do if I cannot find a tutor I like?

For personalized service in locating a tutor that will meet your needs, complete the Get Started Request Form and a customer service representative will contact you.

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