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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a Tutor?

Start with the most specific subject and location as possible before broadening your search. For example search for “organic chemistry” instead of “Science” and search for a zip-code like 33635 instead of Tampa, FL. You want to get the best possible results the first time. If you do not find a tutor for “organic chemistry,” then try searching “chemistry” to broaden your search.

How do I select a Tutor?

Start by submitting a request to as many tutors as possible. Throw out a net and see what you catch the first time instead of contacting one at a time. There are many reasons why your first or second choice profile may not be the right tutor for your needs. For example (1) their schedule may have changed, (2) they are currently on vacation, (3) there is a language barrier, (4) there is a personality conflict, (5) they might not reply, etc. (click for suggested questions to ask) your request should be as specific about your needs as possible that way the tutor can respond to you and answer any questions you might have. Let the tutor know details about the specific coursework or student weaknesses, the best days and times you can meet, the location you want to meet, how much you can afford, and for about how long you will need a tutor. Correspond by email before giving your cell phone number to anyone and speak with the tutor before giving your home address or home number. You don’t want to invite a stranger over without knowing it.

How do I schedule a Tutor?

Once you have selected a tutor that meets all of your requirements you simply make those arrangements with the tutor. Talk to the tutor within 24hrs of your initially scheduled session to confirm what you have agreed upon including time, place, and payment arrangements.

What do I do if I cannot find a tutor to select and schedule?

For personalized service in locating a tutor that will need your needs, complete the Get Started request form and a customer service representative will from Advanced Learners Private Tutoring will contact you.

What type of services can I receive from a tutor?

  • One to One – great for K-12 students and struggling students at any level. Specialty subjects and immediate needs.
  • Groups – usually 2-5 students. Great for course long study groups and test prep (like SAT, ACT, GMAT, MCAT, etc.)
  • Online – many tutors subscribe to free use whiteboards or pay for use of more sophisticated online programs
  • In-home – the tutors will come directly to you (usually the highest cost and is dependent on travel distance)
  • Email – tutors can review your assignments for errors, writing assignments; help to determine the steps in math/science problems. This type of service is usually used in conjunction with phone calls.
  • Text messaging – usually the quickest way to have a question answered, but not in-depth. Best when used in conjunction with another type of service.
  • Skype – this is an all-in-one instead of one-on-one. Video calls, instant texts, sending files, conference calls for group tutoring, screen sharing.
  • Public Place – the tutors will meet students at libraries, coffee shops, day cares, etc. These can be convenient for both parties due to schedules and travel distance.
  • Combination of online and in-home/public place.

What should I ask a tutor before we meet?

  • Ask for Parent/Student references and call them!
  • Ask if they have tutored the specific subject you need help in
  • Ask for a “success story” they had in the subject you need help in
  • Ask how long they have been tutoring or teaching
  • Ask about their “professional vs personal” experience with students and the students age levels
  • Ask if they have a copy of a criminal background check and if not, are they willing to get one
  • Ask if they offer discounts for on-going or package purchases

What are my options for paying a tutor?

  • At first, pay for each lesson in cash at the time of the session. Once you decide you want to continue with the tutor then you can discuss a larger purchase for a discount. This is the time to negotiate your hourly rate.
  • Never pay upfront to a tutor you have never met.
  • Never give a tutor your credit card number or checking account number.
  • Do not pay with a check if you do not want the tutor to have your home address (usually located on the check).
  • Do not assume, ask if the tutor will accept checks. Many times they will not in case of “non-sufficient funds”.
  • If you want to pay by credit card, ask if the tutor has made arrangements for accepting them. Many tutors will use PayPal, Google Checkout, or a Merchant Services Provider.

What are some things I “should not” do or ask when choosing a tutor?

  • Don’t assume everyone is telling the truth. Ask to see their credentials.
  • Don’t suggest an unrealistically “low” hourly rate. Most tutors do travel and are very good at what they do. They are there to help and they are worth the money when you want the best.
  • Don’t ask a tutor to pick-up your kids after school or bring them home from the library. Even if you trust them and they are the best tutors, there are a lot of insurance and liability issues. It’s simple not safe to have them driven by someone else.

How does a student stay safe?

  • Your first meeting should always be in a public place, never in your home or theirs.
  • Always tell a friend or family member the details of your meeting (where, when, how long) and ask them to call at scheduled time to make sure you are OK.
  • Never give a tutor any personal bank account information.
  • Never let a minor meet a tutor alone the first time.
  • ASK your tutor for a copy of their most recent background check (a national one is preferable). If they don’t have one, ask if they will get one done. There are many online companies that will do it for them for a small fee.
  • Use the web! Do a search in the nationwide Sexual Predator Database.
  • Many counties now have a local search for people imprisoned in your community. Call your local sheriff’s department for their website.
  • Have serious reservations about tutors that “want” you to meet them in their home instead of public place. Ask them “Why do you want to meet in your home?”
  • If unsure of the tutor after meeting, never go straight home. You want to make sure you have not been followed.
  • Always trust your first instincts when it comes to your safety.