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Mukharjee V. - San Antonio, TX 78256 ( 6.3 mi ) - $ 43.00 to 55.00 /hr

Mukharjee V.

  • San Antonio, TX 78256 ( 6.3 mi )
  • GRE Tutor
  • Male
  • Member Since: 03/2010
  • Will travel up to 50 miles
  • Rates from $43.00 to $55.00 /hr
  • Also Tutors: GMAT, Entrance Exams

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Interactive sessions, discussions and sharing knowledge. My students never complained about not understanding, I prefer the level of knowledge not the amount of work or study hours. I have designed some special strategies to enjoy math. I strongly believe I can take good care about my students not basing on grades but by the interest and the knowledge. I believe one can see benifit from my math magic classes.
I am currently a research assistant. Previously I worked as a teaching assistant and helped many students(volunteered). I love teaching math and want to be a professional in helping students preparing for higher education.

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