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Materials Engineering Tutors & Teachers for Lessons, Instruction or Help in Berkeley, IL

Materials Engineering Tutoring

Materials Engineering - having issues with kinetic Monte Carlo models, molecular dynamics, density functional theory or thermodynamics? Select a tutor today. Materials Engineering requires the understanding of how processes produce material structures, how those structures give rise to material properties, and how to select materials for a given application. In college and need help? Select a tutor now. Materials Engineering grad student taking Ceramic Processing, Electronic Materials Processing orAdvanced Materials Processing? Looking for Help? Select a tutor today.

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Anna D. - Evanston, IL 60201 (14.6 mi) - $90/hr.

Anna D. - Evanston, IL 60201 (14.6 mi) - $90/hr.

*If you contact me, please send me an email address at which I can reach you! Thank you. If I have availability you will hear from me within 24 hours.* I'm a recent Princeton engineering grad and current Northwestern engineering PhD student with 7 years of tutoring experience. I'm familiar with the types of exams you might be taking - back in the day, I scored 5s on the AP tests for Chemistry, Physics B, Physics C (Mech and E&M), Calculus BC, and Statistics, 800s on the SAT II tests for Math, Physics, and Chemistry, and 800s on the SAT Math and Critical Reading - and firmly believe you can study towards a better score. But I also really enjoy longer-term subject/academic tutoring. Whether you want to fix up weak areas from last year or get a head start on fall classes, summer is a great time to schedule tutoring. Thanks for checking out my profile! I love explaining concepts and prob ... read more

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Anna D. - Evanston, IL 60201 (14.6 mi) - $90/hr.


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The Achievement Centers I. - La Grange Highlands, IL 60525 (6.9 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $40.00/hr. The Achievement Centers I. - La Grange Highlands, IL 60525 (6.9 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $40.00/hr.

Motivation is important because it is the driving force to achieve personal success. Our role as teachers is to learn what motivate each student and then utilize that knowledge. We will continually use sincere praise and maintain high standards. Students will become engaged in their own learning evidenced in academic achievement. The Achievement Centers, our after school tutorial/diagnostic clinic and before and after school care, is available for all ages and subjects. Tutoring and diagnostic testing is available after school, evenings (Monday – Friday) and Saturday mornings. The clinic is available year-round. Our testing clinician and school psychologist offer a Psychoeducational Evaluation to all new students. The testing is scheduled for two three hour sessions on separate days during after school hours. The evaluation consist of various test measuring a student’s cognitive abi

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The Achievement Centers I. - La Grange Highlands, IL 60525 (6.9 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

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Douglas T - Elmhurst, IL 60126 (1.7 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $42.00/hr. Douglas T - Elmhurst, IL 60126 (1.7 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $42.00/hr.

I have taught "Introduction to Business & Technology" since March, 2008 and was promoted to teaching two classes online in 8-week cycles as "adjunct professor" in mid-2010. I was promoted to "visiting professor" in 2011, and enjoy working with students who range broadly in ability. My greatest strength is in helping students to believe in their own ability through aspects of mentorship and encouragement. I find that a high quality education is attainable when there is close, effective student-teacher contact. Any subject can be learned given the proper keys to finding desire in the student by creating an environment of peaceful learning, while also encouraging positive movement through reflections of forward progress. The ultimate achievement comes by creating “stand-alone” capability. I have progressed from Research Engineer to Senior Research Associate over the course of 32 years in th

Also Tutors: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Douglas T - Elmhurst, IL 60126 (1.7 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $42.00/hr.

$ 42.00

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Steve P - Oak Park, IL 60302 (5.5 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $48.00/hr. Steve P - Oak Park, IL 60302 (5.5 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $48.00/hr.

I am extremely patient and even-tempered, but also very focused and passionate about education. Communicating with the student and parents is vital to the tutoring process. It enables the understanding of goals, expectations, challenges and different learning styles. One of my personal strengths is organizing and clearly explaining complex material. This, along with completely answering questions and reinforcing the subject matter, I feel are the keys to learning and retaining knowledge. I believe that demonstrating a strong work ethic (through punctuality and preparedness) and an enthusiasm for academics has had a positive effect on my students in the past. I truly enjoy tutoring and try to make a difference in the life of each student. I earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, where I tutored for 2 years in the subjects of physics, calculus, diff

Also Tutors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Steve P - Oak Park, IL 60302 (5.5 mi) - Materials Engineering Tutor - $48.00/hr.

$ 48.00

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