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Sharon J.



Davie, FL 33331

Female ( Age 70 )

Member since:04/2013

I am a Certified Teacher

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About Me

Experience Summary

I am a Certified Experienced Elementary Education Teacher & Tutor Who Specializes in Remedial Skills and Individualizing Programs to Meet Each of My Student's Needs. My Motto Is: CATCH UP, KEEP UP, OR GET AHEAD!" I work closely with you and your child's teacher(s) to come up with a plan that will benefit your child the most. I find the learning methods that work the best with each student and capitalize on them to bring out the best in every student. Always encouraging them with positive feedback.

Teaching Style

My students enjoy coming to lessons with Ms. Sharon. I make them feel comfortable, and always encourage them to ask me questions. I always ask them if their was something that they had in the classroom that they didn't understand, and they are not inhibited to tell me so. They know I will not judge them on that, I am just inquiring to help them out so that when they go back into the classroom they will understand what is going on. I want to make their classroom experience as pleasant as possbile. So with lots of repetition and encouragement they will not find it so hard in the class.

My Hobbies

I am an avid reader. Love to do that, and am always encouraging my students to do the same.

Other Comments

My goal is to make your child enjoy to learn and not have it be such a frustrating achievement for them.


Type Level Year Title Issued By
Degree Bachelors 1974 BSED Ohio Universaity
Certification BSED 1974 Ohio Teaching Certification Grad... State of Ohio
Certification BSED 1976 Florida Teaching Certtifcation G... State of Florida

Subject Commentary

ADD/ADHD This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Expert
Being able to adapt my learning styles to fit my student's needs. I have many special techniques that I use with my ADD/ADHD students as well as other students that have larding difficulties and they relate very well with these methods.
American History Proficiency: Experienced
Have taught American History during the Civil War through modern time.
Basic Learning Skills Proficiency: Expert
Every time a student has a lesson with me I am going over some type of learning skill I might indicate that they need to fix a letter they made, or one of the words in the sentence doesn't make sense. Or perhaps the answer in the math problem is incorrect, maybe one of the words isn't in alphabetical order so that is an ongoing process.
Composition Proficiency: Experienced
Have taught my students how to compose stories as well as research projects.
Creative Writing Proficiency: Expert
Have taught all aspects of creative writing from the beginning steps to publishing their own stories.
Elementary Proficiency: Expert
I have taught every Elementary subject when I taught in the classroom even music (though I must admit I wasn't so great at it). Other then that I do an extremely professional job.
Elementary Math This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Expert
Being able to use different techniques to teach a skill if a student is having difficulty relating to a certain technique.
Elementary Phonics Proficiency: Expert
Something that I LOVE and i feel is such an integral and important part of the reading process.
Elementary Reading Proficiency: Expert
Love it nothing like teaching pre-reading skills then watch and listen to those little kiddos read for the first time. MAGICAL
Elementary Science Proficiency: Expert
This is the time to spark their interest in such fun ways with science.
Elementary Social Studies Proficiency: Expert
Such fun and exciting ways to get them excited about our history.
Elementary Study Skills Proficiency: Expert
Teach them right from the gecko how to study the correct way and it will never be an obstacle for them.
Elementary Vocabulary Proficiency: Expert
Teach them how to use a real dictionary right from 1st grade looking up words and writing definitions and using the word in their on sentences.
English Proficiency: Expert
Use all of the grammar rules and using them in practice.
FCAT Proficiency: Expert
Now it is the FSA Test and I do have material that is designed just for this test and covers the specific skills that are tested on the tests. i do start prepping my students for the tests usually in January.
Florida Writes Proficiency: Expert
I like to start working with my 4th graders that are going to take the Florida Writes for the first time earlier in the year. I go over with them what a good story needs the beginning and ending paragraph and the 3 middle ones. I work on the different paragraphs during the year with different topics to give them practice beforehand and usually a month before the test they are usually pretty confident and familiar with the whole process.
Grammar Proficiency: Expert
Giving them all of the grammar rules and being able to use them correctly.
Language Arts Proficiency: Expert
Being able to use grammar and creative writing skills.
Literature Proficiency: Expert
Being able to read novels and being able to interpret them correctly.
Math Proficiency: Expert
Have Taught all aspects of math through algebra.
Poetry Proficiency: Expert
Reading a poem and being able to analyze what the poet is portraying through their writing.
Reading This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Expert
Using phonics and being able to teach a child how t read going through the pre-reading skills with them and then seeing them go on the journey with the skills.
Reading Comprehension Proficiency: Expert
Being able to teach my students how to identify the main idea and find the details that support it and to highlight them or net them on a separate piece of paper.
Science Proficiency: Experienced
Have taught biology, earth, physical sciences
Social Studies Proficiency: Experienced
Have taught all aspects of social studies.
Spelling Proficiency: Expert
Using word families and phonics to help with learning spelling patterns.
Test Preparation Proficiency: Expert
I mentioned earlier I start prepping my students for the standardized tests usually in January so I can do it in a relax fashion and not feel like we are waiting to the last minute and trying to throw everything at them all at the same time.
Testing Skills Proficiency: Expert
I always preach to my students the importance of studying and being prepared for tests. Always making sure that they complete their homework and if I have a little bit of extra time in the lesson I always ask to see if they have any vocabulary or spelling words and I go over those with them.
Testing Strategies Proficiency: Expert
When we are going over choices in a problem i always have them read all of the answers and if they are having trouble choosing the answer i have them eliminate the ones they know aren't correct so they are getting good test taking strategies from working with me on a daily basis.
World History Proficiency: Experienced
Have taught World War I and II, Viet Nam War, and other important aspects of World History.
Writing Proficiency: Expert
Working with fine motor skills with students that need to have it further developed for their writing to develop.

All Subjects I Tutor

  • American History
  • Basic Learning Skills
  • Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Elementary
  • Elementary Grammar
  • Elementary Math
  • Elementary Phonics
  • Elementary Reading
  • Elementary Science
  • Elementary Social Studies
  • Elementary Study Skills
  • Elementary Vocabulary
  • English
  • FCAT
  • Florida Writes
  • Grammar
  • Language Arts
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Poetry
  • Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spelling
  • Test Preparation
  • Testing Skills
  • Testing Strategies
  • World History
  • Writing