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Patrick J.


Tutor for SPSS, Statistics, Math, Finance, and Economics !!

Norfolk, VA 23508

Male ( Age 44 )

Member since:07/2012

I am a Certified Teacher

Rates from $39.5 to $40.5

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Will travel up to 50 miles

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Email: juntak5@yahoo.com

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About Me

Experience Summary

juntak5@yahoo.com -- You MUST EMAIL for immediate response. (I repeat: Send DIRECT EMAIL to juntak5@yahoo.com ) Tutor for Math, Finance, Economics, and Statistics (Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels). I specialize in serving university-level tutorees/clients who are adults, students, professionals, and military. Furthermore, I am very comfortable with traditional and non-traditional individuals with different backgrounds. I am an advanced Statistics/Finance Tutor capable of tutoring you University Graduate-level and Undergraduate-level Statistics/Finance class that you are currently taking. I can also provide Research Consulting Services on your Projects, Assignments, Thesis, Dissertation, and any business/class Research Publication(s). I am also very comfortable in conducting Strategic Management Consulting services on Corporations and/or business needs. Also in Asset & Portfolio Management, Capital Investments, International Business & Marketing, Business Communication & Writing, and Accounting & Financial Accounting.

Teaching Style

Email: juntak5@yahoo.com -- I have been teaching and/or tutoring statistics-related and research methods at undergraduate and graduate levels for many fields-of-study, especially Economics/Finance, Nursing, Sociology, Psychology, Education, and social sciences majors for several years. In addition, I help students with designing and writing analysis and method sections of their undergraduate and graduate level thesis/dissertation and editing their research/term papers. I use Microsoft Excel and SPPS for statistical analysis and have basic knowledge of eViews, Stata, SAS, and Minitab. However, SPSS is my strongest strength and most familiar with. I will also be very helpful, and useful to students who are currently writing-up their Master's Thesis, or PhD dissertation on their Graduate studies in School. I can be your proof-reader, and help you write some portions of your quantitative-research.

My Hobbies

Email: juntak5@yahoo.com (please email directly for immediate response. I rarely check Tutor Select)

Other Comments

Finance (Undergraduate, and Graduate Level): * Corporate Finance, * International Finance, * Business Finance, and others. Statistics (Undergrad and Grad Level): * Business Statistics, * Bio-Statistics, * General/Intermediate/Advanced Statistics, and others. * Statistical Softwares: SPSS, Minitab, Microsoft Excel, eViews, SAS. Economics (Undergrad and Grad Level): * Micro/Macro Economics, * Managerial Economics, * Engineering Economics for Engineers, * Engineering Mathematical Economics, * Econometrics I, II, and III, and others. Data analysis Graphical analysis: time series plots and histograms Descriptive statistics: moments, quantiles and frequency tables Central tendency measures: sample mean, median and mode Dispersion measures: sample variance, standard deviation and range Association measures: linear and rank correlation Sampling issues: Chebishev's theorem Probability theory Overview of set theory: sample space and events Relative frequency and event likelihood Conditional probability: Bayes rule and independence Random variables: discrete and continuous distributions Statistical inference Inference: sample × population moments Estimation: maximum likelihood × method of moments Asymptotic results: law of large numbers and central limit theorem Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals The standard linear regression model Estimation: Assumptions and the geometry of least squares Inference: Tests of hypothesis Asymptotic properties: Assumptions, consistency and normality Gauss-Newton regression: Residual analyses Maximum likelihood: Estimation and testing Extensions to the standard linear regression model Estimation and inference under heteroskedasticity: Generalized least squares Estimation and inference under autocorrelation: Introduction to dynamic models Endogeneity and mensurement errors: Instrumental variables Advanced topics (if there is enough time) Nonlinear least squares Binomial response models: Probit and Logit Simulation-based methods: Monte Carlo and bootstrap Fundamental concepts of statistical inference Statistical model, decision space and loss function Optimal decision rules: pure and randomized Statistical principles: equivariance, invariance and unbiasedness Sufficient statistics Dominated family: Radon-Nikodyn theorem and Halmos-Savage lemma Conditional expectation and probability: Halmos-Savage theorem and properties Neyman-Pearson factorization criterion Minimal sufficient statistics Exponential model Privileged statistic and minimal sufficiency Random sampling of exponential models Moments of privileged statistics Distribution free and complete statistics Ancillarity principle, complete and disconnected statistics Basu's theorem and Fisher's lemma Point estimation Rao-Blackwell theorem and Lehmann-Scheffé theorem: UMRU estimators Invariance and the principle of equivariance: UMRE estimators Invariants e maximal invariants: Pitman estimators Hypothesis testing Neyman's principle: UMP tests and the Neyman-Pearson theorem Least favorable distribution, (L)UMPU tests and nuisance parameters References Email to me at above email-address, and I will provide my complete information and background information. I can only tutor in the Hampton Roads area: * Norfolk, * Virginia Beach, * Portsmouth, * Chesapeake, * Newport News, * Hampton, * Suffolk.


Type Level Year Title Issued By
Degree Bachelors 2002 Electrical Engineering Virginia Tech
Degree Bachelors 2002 Mathematics Virginia Tech
Degree Masters 2004 MBA Finance (Corporate, Internat... Old Dominion University
Degree Masters 2007 MA Economics Old Dominion University

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