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Physics Tutoring

The laws of physics apply to practically everything we do and touch every day. However, it is not a simple course to understand! One on one Physics instruction that is tailored to your specific needs means you will not have to struggle with Physics concepts anymore. If you need a Physics tutor, we can help. If the student is overloaded with too much information, then hiring a private tutor is the right choice. An experienced physics tutor is necessary to explain the skills required for understanding and succeeding in physics.

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As of the 2000 census, in Lexington there were 108,288 households, out of which 27.3% have children under the age of 18 living with them. Need help? Select a tutor now. If you are struggling with any academic subject, we have a large selection of Lexington tutors to choose from. Struggling or looking for a quality Lexington tutor? We can help.

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Ignatius B. - Lexington, KY 40504 (1.9 mi) - $25/hr.

Ignatius B. - Lexington, KY 40504 (1.9 mi) - $25/hr.

My comments on tutoring Physics: I am a physicist and I taught all areas of physics.

I have over fifteen years of teaching experience in the areas of mathematics, physics and astronomy. I taught at colleges and universities in the State of Illinois, Big Sandy Community and Technical College located in Prestonsburg; Kentucky, and I taught at Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba; Dutch Caribbean. I earned a PhD in Physics from The University of Chicago. I focus on the concepts of mathematics. I use graphical techniques to emphasis the concepts being taught. With these concepts in mind, physics can be a fun and interested to learn.

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Ignatius B. - Lexington, KY 40504 (1.9 mi) - $25/hr.


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Logan H - Radcliffe, IA 50230 (1.5 mi) - Physics Tutor - $39.00/hr. Logan H - Radcliffe, IA 50230 (1.5 mi) - Physics Tutor - $39.00/hr.

I always enjoy having fun. I enjoy helping others understand things and have the communication abilities to be a great teacher. I enjoy working one-on-one with individuals and am very trustworthy. I am involved largely in church at home and in Ames and will work diligently and appropriately to ensure my teaching is effective. Like I said, I am pretty laid back, easy going, but also really enjoy helping others in a casual and fun environment. I started my college career pursuing architecture because I enjoy drawing and design. Realizing buildings weren't my passion and agriculture was where I wanted to go, I changed to a triple major in ag systems technology, ag business, and economics. Realizing I have always been good in math and enjoyed being challenged, I changed my major again to agricultural engineering where I acquired a degree in December of 2008. I have tutored a

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Logan H - Radcliffe, IA 50230 (1.5 mi) - Physics Tutor - $39.00/hr.

$ 39.00

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Odell G - lexington, SC 29071 (2.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $37.00/hr. Odell G - lexington, SC 29071 (2.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $37.00/hr.

I like teaching and tutoring subjects that most people think are difficult. I like making complicated things simple and easy to understand. I am also a very patient purpose and like to connect real life situations to the problems at hand. I have not only adjunct taught at colleges and universities, but have also tutored for the Princeton Review. I am now currently working towards a Phd degree in chemical engineering and my plans is to teach full time at a teaching university.

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Odell G - lexington, SC 29071 (2.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $37.00/hr.

$ 37.00

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Terence H - Lexington, KY 40502 (3.1 mi) - Physics Tutor - $36.00/hr. Terence H - Lexington, KY 40502 (3.1 mi) - Physics Tutor - $36.00/hr.

I try as hard as possible to interest and engage the student in science by finding good learning opportunities in the lab, in the field and in the daily news. I am convinced that the natural world is a wonderful place that should be interesting to anyone. Once the student can find something of interest out there,we can use that as an entrance to other aspects of the science. As a student at MIT I earned my BS and MS degrees simultaneously in a five-year period. I worked primarily in the oil industry with major geological responsibilities on the Alaska North Slope and the North Sea. I have published over 50 technical articles and papers in my field. After my oil industry work I taught high school physical science in Kentucky for 10 years, including earth and space science, physics, and chemistry. I founded and coached the Berea Community High School Academic Team, to district and reg

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Terence H - Lexington, KY 40502 (3.1 mi) - Physics Tutor - $36.00/hr.

$ 36.00

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Dinesh V - Lexinton, KY 40509 (5.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $34.00/hr. Dinesh V - Lexinton, KY 40509 (5.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $34.00/hr.

I believe there is a lock to everyone's key. In order to be successful tutor, you have to understand what the student needs and then deliver exactly that at the right time and in the right amount. My goal is provide the best tutoring experience for my students, help them achieve their goals and targets in School so they can feel great about themselves. I remember the teachers who the biggest impact on me and what I remember the most about them is their willingness to listem to me, work with my learning style and help me achieve my best. I want to do the same for my students. I graduated from Ohio State with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. During my High School career, I tutored many of my friends in Trignometry, Physics and Calculus. During my college years, I had a broad exposure to Math and Science. I volunteered at the Chemistry and Math lab few hours a week to help stu

Also Tutors: Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology
Dinesh V - Lexinton, KY 40509 (5.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $34.00/hr.

$ 34.00

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Smriti P - Frankfort, KY 40602 (19.3 mi) - Physics Tutor - $53.50/hr. Smriti P - Frankfort, KY 40602 (19.3 mi) - Physics Tutor - $53.50/hr.

I have earned master degree in Environment Health Science and I am now currently pursuing master degree in computer science.I have experience in science and math field during my undergraduate and graduate studies.I have experience in research and writing skills. I have also tutored undergraduate students during my Graduate assistant position. I have also worked as a laboratory assistant in a chemical storage facility in Eastern Kentucky University for almost a year during my undergraduate studies. I am a patient and I like helping people and I get along with children.I have good communication skills. I am positive and optimistic.My main goal is to provide best education/ I would like to utilize my education to educate students.

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Smriti P - Frankfort, KY 40602 (19.3 mi) - Physics Tutor - $53.50/hr.

$ 53.50

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Chad T - Junction City, KY 40440 (31.1 mi) - Physics Tutor - $37.50/hr. Chad T - Junction City, KY 40440 (31.1 mi) - Physics Tutor - $37.50/hr.

I love teaching and helping students to grasp the basic understanding behind physics and math. Since physics and math can build on itself, it is important you understand the basics before you can proceed to advanced concepts. I believe students learn by different styles whether it be visually, audibly, written, or hands on. It's important to apply this style early. I am a very patient person. I will not give answers and do the work for the student. Rather I help guide and lead students to answer, that way they learn the technique and apply their own critical thinking and problem solving skills. I will provide constructive criticism and make a full effort to see all students succeed and build confidence in the areas of physics and math. As a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University I have dedicated a lot of my time and effort to learning concepts of physics. I have earned a bachelor degree

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Chad T - Junction City, KY 40440 (31.1 mi) - Physics Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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Ruth W - New Liberty, KY 40355 (38.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $32.50/hr. Ruth W - New Liberty, KY 40355 (38.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $32.50/hr.

Most math and science classes are problem driven. As a tutor, I would go over home work problems assigned to the student. If this wasn't complete enough, I would allow the student to use some of the learning CD's I have on the subjects that are also problem driven. If the student is having trouble understanding concepts then I would try to create analogies relative to the student's environment. I worked in the tutoring section of both East Tennessee State University and Southern State Community College. I did not major in the subjects which I listed (I minored in Chemistry), but I do have experience as tutor. At Southern State, I tutored basic math and Algebra Courses to adult students who had been out of school for several years. At East Tennessee State University, I tudored freshman in the subjects of Chemisty and Physics when I was a Senior. I refreshed my skills in Chemistry l

Also Tutors: Life Science, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy
Ruth W - New Liberty, KY 40355 (38.2 mi) - Physics Tutor - $32.50/hr.

$ 32.50

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