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Jenny D.

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I have always loved traveling, learning about different cultures, history, ideologies and of course food and have traveled to over 16 countries and lived in 5, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and most recently México, where my Spanish speaking and ESL teaching journey began. I have significant experience in Mexican culture from teaching English for 5 1/2 years to learners of all ages from young children to adults. I have experience teaching all subjects in bilingual primary schools and English Literature for a year in a private IBO (K-12) school in Querétaro, MX. The subjects that I taught to adults included conversation, Basic English literacy, Business English, and TOEFL preparation. While living abroad, I experienced firsthand the struggles and daily frustrations of not being able to communicate my ideas, feelings or simply ask for directions or order from a menu at a restaurant. I am also an adult second language learner of Spanish and have great empathy for those who are having similar experiences here in the U.S. that I have had while traveling and living in other countries. Speaking a foreign language had always been a dream of mine, so in Jan. 2011 after many, many years away, I returned to university to earn a degree in Spanish and a minor in English Linguistics. For the last 2 years, I have also been tutoring adults in the ESL lab at a Denver community college. Working with the international students has been the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life. Every day I feel lucky to work and nurture personal relationships with adult students from all over the globe who are motivated, humble, determined, and grateful. If you have the desire and enthusiasm for learning and understand that learning a language is a lifelong process, that it takes patience, practice, persistence and commitment (like learning to play an instrument, sport or being a gifted surgeon) then I am your tutor and we will have a great experience. I can promise that I will be a compassionate, loyal and empathetic friend as well as a patient and high energy tutor who will believe in you, encourage you and help you to realize your potential and dream. I am very excited to start our learning journey together!


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ITTO Institute Guadalajara, Mexico

My Hobbies

In addition to teaching and traveling, I love music, history, the social sciences, politics, nutrition, camping, and I am an avid reader, writer, photographer and film/documentary buff. I love cooking dishes ( I am writing a cookbook) inspired by all of the countries I have visitied and the ESL students that I have taught.

Top Subjects

Proficiency: Experienced
I have loved maps since I was a young girl. I think what I love most about them is imagining all of the incredible places that I could visit, the unique cultures I could experience, and fascinating natural and historical sites that I could explore! I am confident that my passion for the physical / political world will be infectious and you will gain at the very least a new appreciation for our planet and its inhabitants.

Social Studies
Proficiency: Experienced

SEE expalnation in WRITING.

Proficiency: Expert, and one of my top Subjects!
ESL - My first experience teaching English was in Mexico where I taught for over 5 1/2 years, from 2005 - 2010. I taught in private K-12 schools and language institutes, young children and business professionals, basic and advanced levels. It was a humbling and simply amazing life experience! For the last 2 years I have been tutoring immigrant and refugee students in writing, grammar, reading, pronunciation in the ESL tutoring center at the Community College of Denver. I hope to continue helping and inspiring eager and willing students in English, ESL, grammar, vocabulary, literature for years to come.

Proficiency: Expert, and one of my top Subjects!
I am a GRAMMAR GEEK! I love teaching grammar! It may seem crazy, but it's true. You may not fall in love with grammar, but my goal is that with my simple explanations and enthusiasm you will at least become friends with it.

Proficiency: Experienced

Reading Comprehension
Proficiency: Experienced

Proficiency: Expert

Proficiency: Experienced, and one of my top Subjects!
The writing process can be a painful one. It can be difficult to even know where to start. I am very, very confident that together we can work through all of your frustration, confusion and fear about writing. I truly believe that anyone can write if given the right tools and encouragement. It is also important to understand that writing like any other learned skill, requires time, practice and commitment.

Proficiency: Experienced

Proficiency: Experienced

Homework Help
Proficiency: Expert

Study Skills
Proficiency: Experienced

Writing Skills
Proficiency: Expert
SEE Writing section.

Elementary Grammar
Proficiency: Expert
SEE Grammar section.

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