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Linda A. - Lincolnshire, IL 60069 ( 20.3 mi ) - $ 32 to 38 /hr

Linda A.

  • Lincolnshire, IL 60069 ( 20.3 mi )
  • Nursing Exam Tutor
  • Female
  • Member since: 11/2015
  • Will travel up to 20 miles
  • Rates from $32 to $38 /hr
  • On-line In-Group
  • Also Tutors: Nursing Exam

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I have my Bachelor's in Nursing and I am currently working on my Master's in Nursing to be an Adult Gero Nurse Practitioner. I have experience working on a Trauma Surgical Telemetry unit and a step down Critical Care unit. I also have experience working outpatient in a multi specialty outpatient center primarily working in triage, cardiology, and endocrinology.

The Achievement Centers I. - La Grange Highlands, IL 60525 ( 4.8 mi ) - $40.00 /hr

The Achievement Centers I.

  • La Grange Highlands, IL 60525 ( 4.8 mi )
  • Nursing Exam Tutor
  • Male
  • Member Since: 04/2015
  • Will travel up to 20 miles
  • Tutoring Rate: $40.00 /hr
  • I am a Certified Teacher
  • In-Group
  • Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, GMAT, GED, Florida Writes, FCAT, Entrance Exams, Contractors Lisencing, CLAST, ASVAB, Actuarial Exams, ACT

Nurturing Minds, Enriching Lives, and Building Self-Esteem

Motivation is important because it is the driving force to achieve personal success. Our role as teachers is to learn what motivate each student and then utilize that knowledge. We will continually use sincere praise and maintain high standards. Students will become engaged in their own learning evidenced in academic achievement.
The Achievement Centers, our after school tutorial/diagnostic clinic and before and after school care, is available for all ages and subjects. Tutoring and diagnostic testing is available after school, evenings (Monday – Friday) and Saturday mornings. The clinic is available year-round. Our testing clinician and school psychologist offer a Psychoeducational Evaluation to all new students. The testing is scheduled for two three hour sessions on separate days during after school hours. The evaluation consist of various test measuring a student’s cogniti ... read more

lalita g. - Itasca, IL 60143 ( 9.3 mi ) - $ 13.00 to 26.00 /hr

lalita g.

  • Itasca, IL 60143 ( 9.3 mi )
  • Nursing Exam Tutor
  • Female Age 45
  • Member Since: 03/2012
  • Will travel up to 30 miles
  • Rates from $13.00 to $26.00 /hr
  • On-line In-Home In-Group
  • Also Tutors: Test Preparation, MCAT, GRE, GED, Entrance Exams

Education matters the most

Degree: A)MASTER DEGREE (MS) --- APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY B)BSC.----BOTANY C)WORK EXPERIENCES : 1) Worked as a biology teacher in AIMS for 2 years. AIMS that prepare K12 students for competitive entrance examination to medical school for 2 years. Several of my students were successful in getting admission to medical school. 2) Instructed Microbiology (theory and practical both) for a Para medical course for several years in State Government approved, Sri Aurobindo Engineering Institute, a vocational institute. In this institution,I taught Microbiology theory and practical both and I was in charge of microbiology laboratory as well. Para medical course is similar to medical assisting program conducted by professional institutions. Medical Laboratory Technology course is basically a laboratory based carrier oriented program recognized by the technical department of state ... read more

Regina G. - Highland, IN 46322 ( 27.6 mi ) - $ 30.00 to 50.00 /hr

Regina G.

  • Highland, IN 46322 ( 27.6 mi )
  • Nursing Exam Tutor
  • Female
  • Member Since: 07/2020
  • Will travel up to 20 miles
  • Rates from $30.00 to $50.00 /hr
  • In-Home In-Group
  • Also Tutors: Test Preparation

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I enjoy utilizing a variety of visual aids and techniques to assist the students to understand the content being taught. With the collaboration with the students, a variety of visual aids, study techniques were utilized. Understanding the course content was a priority in being successful in the courses and the NCLEX exam. I developed a NCLEX prep course that focused on the current NCLEX exam. I encourage students participation in the learning process for them to be successful in their courses and the NCLEX exam. I encourage participation in the development of personal study plans that fit their needs.
Graduated from the Cook County School of Nursing and worked on a Med-Surg unit at Little Company of Mary Hospital (LCMH). While working at LCMH, I began my undergraduate studies at Chicago State University in which I graduated in 1980 with a BSN. I began working at the Rehabilitation ... read more

Monique H. - Griffith, IN 46319 ( 28.5 mi ) - $ 46.00 to 57.00 /hr

Monique H.

  • Griffith, IN 46319 ( 28.5 mi )
  • Nursing Exam Tutor
  • Female
  • Member Since: 07/2010
  • Will travel up to 5 miles
  • Rates from $46.00 to $57.00 /hr
  • I am a Certified Teacher
  • Also Tutors: GED, Entrance Exams, ACT

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As a teacher, one of the most important things I can do is create a community of learners, which helps me determine how to assess my students. Creating a community of learners allows me to open up the door of connection between my students and myself.I have earned a degree in Journalism and finishing up with my degree and certification in English and Secondary Education. During the last eight years, I have been tutoring inner city students in English, writing,math, and reading.
One of the greatest joys of teaching is seeing each one of my students grow as an individual and academically.I have always wanted to be a teacher since I can remember. I wanted to give back to my students what was given to me. "A chance to to learn and grow". For me, it seemed only natural to obtain a career in the area of my first love "TEACHING". I teach because it's who I am and what I do. When I see my ... read more

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