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What do American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, Pageants, The Blues and Politics have in common? Vocals. Improve yours when you select your tutor today. So maybe you are a better singer in the shower or at Karaoke. Improve your vocals by selecting a tutor today and let an expert help. Training, song selection, key selection and musical understanding might just be all you need. Vocals are not just singing songs accompanied by music or even a cappella. They can be speech and language related, business related or even public speaking related. Get help from an expert by picking a tutor today.

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A star in Texas, San Antonio is home to five Fortune 500 companies. Select a tutor Today. Students across the San Antonio area are talking about our services. If you need any type of tutoring, your first stop should be here. Need to pass a test or pass a class? We have the best selection of San Antonio tutors available to get started helping you today.

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Amado S. - San Antonio, TX 78258 (11.9 mi) - $505/hr.

Amado S. - San Antonio, TX 78258 (11.9 mi) - $505/hr.

I am a current high school student with all the subjects listed still fresh in my mind, as I am currently studying them or have studied them in the past and know them well enough that I feel very comfortable teaching them.I am also a native Spanish speaker and have basic knowledge of the German language. I have no problem working with younger children, and I would be more than willing to help you or your child succeed academically.

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Amado S. - San Antonio, TX 78258 (11.9 mi) - $505/hr.


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Andrew F. - San Antonio, TX 78209 (2.4 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $30.00/hr. Andrew F. - San Antonio, TX 78209 (2.4 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $30.00/hr.

Through my chorale experience, I learned techniques to improve various aspects of the voice, including flexibility, head voice and chest voice. I go over exercises with students to help develop desired aspects of their singing. If desired, I provide recordings to help my students go over exercises for singing and ear training. I believe that everybody has the ability to sing in some kind of way, no matter the vocal range. It is just a matter of finding a singing style that the student is interested in and developing it. I shape lessons around the student's interest in music and singing and explore ways the student can use their voice to create music, soulfully. If desired, I can include singing and playing with piano, guitar or ukulele. I have experience tutoring students as well as working with people individually and in groups, as an undergrad Psychology intern, a cognitive skills trai

Also Tutors: Ukulele, Piano, Guitar
Andrew F. - San Antonio, TX 78209 (2.4 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

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Rosalinda M. - San Antonio, TX 78225 (4.2 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $45.00/hr. Rosalinda M. - San Antonio, TX 78225 (4.2 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $45.00/hr.

I hold a Masters in Mathematics and a Bachelors in Molecular Biology. My teaching certification is EC-6 and just added ESL certified. I am a certified teacher and have been teaching for 8 years in elementary school. I began my teaching career by accident leaving the law enforcement field to work initially part-time as a teacher. However I really enjoyed working with children and found that I was good at it. Over the years it has been nice to hear both parents, teachers, and children comment that I have made a difference in their lives and that I have helped make them the young people that they are shaping to be. Many children and parents have said that while I was tough I have helped them stay in school and become A students. This motivates me to continue to do my best in my job and for the kids. I believe all children learn at there own style and pace and that we as teachers need to

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Rosalinda M. - San Antonio, TX 78225 (4.2 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $45.00/hr.

$ 45.00

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Esteban D. - San Antonio, TX 78247 (8.2 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $25.00/hr. Esteban D. - San Antonio, TX 78247 (8.2 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $25.00/hr.

I like being able to relate with my students. I make learning as entertaining as possible and will be able to go at any pace. i am great with patience. I have 3 younger siblings. I am always helping with them with homework and am always the first to be asked to help another student in my classes. I reall have only had this experience but i am hopefully going to expand my experience as i help and teach others what i already know.I am willing to tuor any students till the 9th grade.

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Esteban D. - San Antonio, TX 78247 (8.2 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Erica M - San Antonio, TX 78212 (1.4 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $59.50/hr. Erica M - San Antonio, TX 78212 (1.4 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $59.50/hr.

In my last three years of teaching I was the Inclusion/Resource teacher, however, I also worked with some Life-Skills students, as well as doing some 4th grade co-teaching. I am comfortable in working with at-risk students and understand the importance of having a rapport with them. My first year as a teacher I taught ESL at a catholic high school. I would love to tutor you or your child because I can help you/them grow and become an independent learner. I would like to stress my thanks for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you. I design the lesson to the learning preference of the student. I incorporate technology, visual, tactile and kinesthetic teaching styles. This gives the student the maximum opportunity to learn. If a student is having trouble with reading comprehension there are various skill sets a child learns in order to help with standardized tests.

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Erica M - San Antonio, TX 78212 (1.4 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $59.50/hr.

$ 59.50

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Amanda W - San Antonio, TX 78213 (2.5 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $37.00/hr. Amanda W - San Antonio, TX 78213 (2.5 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $37.00/hr.

In my experience as a tutor, I have acquired the highly important skill of adaptability. Certainly, particular techniques and strategies such as asking provocative questions are helpful with any student of any age. More importantly, though, I have learned that the best tutors are those who can shape each session to the tutee's individual needs and personality. This is most easily accomplished in developing a flexible approach constituted by a blend of directive and non-directive tactics. With this approach, my goal is always to aid the tutee in feeling comfortable and confident in developing new ways of thinking about his or her work, and, from there, helping him or her along the journey to success. In 2008, as an upper-level English major, I accepted a position with Schreiner University wherein I hoped to use my education in the concentration of composition. For the rest of my college

Also Tutors: Piano
Amanda W - San Antonio, TX 78213 (2.5 mi) - Vocals Tutor - $37.00/hr.

$ 37.00

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