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PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) in the United States. Exam looming? Select a tutor today. The test is composed of three sections: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing Skills, and takes two hours and ten minutes to complete. Each section is scored on a scale of 20 to 80 points. You need at least a 96 to 99 percentile performance. Looking for help? Select a tutor now. Two reasons for taking the PSAT/NMSQT are to enter the competition for scholarships from NMSC (grade 11), and to help prepare for the SAT. Get help now. Select a tutor today.

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lynn z. - Berkeley, CA 94705 (6247 mi) - $40/hr.

lynn z. - Berkeley, CA 94705 (6247 mi) - $40/hr.

My comments on tutoring PSAT: I have spent many years helping people prepare for the Verbal SATs ... I am an English major and teacher of the language ( critical thinking and reading, composition, grammar and word studies etc.).

I have been a dynamic, successful elementary, middle and high school teacher as well as college instructor of Art, English, French and History for many years. I also taught in a two way language immersion school ( English and Spanish) for six years so I can teach Beginning and Intermediate levels of Spanish. While teaching, I have always taken courses in the best practices of teaching as well as courses in subject matter content. I have tutored people of all ages, learning styles and needs in a range of subject matter, including testing; I ascertain how each student learns best to develop the most fitting, effective teaching strategies for them. I am considered a Master teacher as I train other teachers about best practices and have also been recognized as "Teacher of the Year.” I believe learning should always be engaging and meaningful. It is critical to address individual student lear ... read more

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, TOEFL, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, GRE, GED, ACT

lynn z. - Berkeley, CA 94705 (6247 mi) - $40/hr.


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William S. - PSAT Tutor - $50.00/hr. William S. - PSAT Tutor - $50.00/hr.

Public School; 16 years, Private school; 7 years. I worked as a mechanical engineer for Kodak and Boeing prior to becoming a mathematics teacher. Adjunct faculty at Berkshire Community College for 10 years. Also was a licensed plumbing and heating contractor for 9 years. I currently teach AP Statistics and AP Calculus at Worcester Academy in Worcester Massachusetts, but have taught levels from Pre-Algebra through Calculus during my career Flexible.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, ACT
William S. - PSAT Tutor - $50.00/hr.

$ 50.00

per hour

Daniel S. - PSAT Tutor - $56.00/hr. Daniel S. - PSAT Tutor - $56.00/hr.

Wyzant certified in SAT - Math and SAT - Verbal; 1390 PSAT score. I bring a friendly and patient approach to tutoring. I know hiring a tutor can be a challenging process and a tough decision to make. Accordingly, I promise to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible, while ensuring you (or your child) truly understand the material. I owe it to my students to make the material fun and interesting. I have over 2000 hours of tutoring experience, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and other selected subjects. Most of my experience has come through this site or the Wyzant site. My first teaching experience was with the Department of Juvenile Justice when I was fresh out of college. It was, believe it or not, a lot of fun! When I went on to Law School I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Teaching Assistant for Legal Research & Writing and Appellate Advocacy. I also tutored

Also Tutors: SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, LSAT, ACT
Daniel S. - PSAT Tutor - $56.00/hr.

$ 56.00

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Matthew Horwich .. - PSAT Tutor - $120.00/hr. Matthew Horwich .. - PSAT Tutor - $120.00/hr.

Patient, effective and customized to each student's individualized and ever-changing needs. May I be a personal tutor for you or your child? I have been successfully tutoring for over 12 years. I have some glowing letters of recommendation, and among the highest ratings in this region. I graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University, where I made the Dean's List. I also earned a Provost Academic Scholarship for my excellent test scores, including 780 in SAT mathematics and 34 in ACT mathematics. In addition to teaching for public schools, I currently teach 20 private sessions each week, 1st through 12th grade, as well as college students and business professionals. I have also served on the faculty at Cuyahoga Community College. I am patient, friendly and many students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their teachers. I am available

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, Praxis Exam, GRE, GMAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ASVAB, ACT
Matthew Horwich .. - PSAT Tutor - $120.00/hr.

$ 120.00

per hour

Stephanie B. - PSAT Tutor - $60.00/hr. Stephanie B. - PSAT Tutor - $60.00/hr.

My teaching style depends upon the learning preferences of the student, as I know each student has their own way of learning. Moreover, I also provide additional supplemental information and practice problems. I believe in learning not only the concepts of a subject, but also their real world applications. Furthermore, I believe the most important part of tutoring is making learning fun and providing students with confidence in the subject being tutored. I have university teaching experience and tutoring students for 16 years in a variety of subjects for students in grades 1-12, as well as traditional and non-traditional Undergraduate and Graduate students. In addition to tutoring a variety of subjects, I also provide assistance with Master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations, specifically Statistical/Research Design Methodology and Statistical Analysis. I also have five years of Stati

Also Tutors: SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, GED, Entrance Exams, ACT
Stephanie B. - PSAT Tutor - $60.00/hr.

$ 60.00

per hour

Vladimir C. - PSAT Tutor - $40.00/hr. Vladimir C. - PSAT Tutor - $40.00/hr.

I like my job very much, because teaching math gives me opportunity to percuade each student in his/her talent to solve each life problem. There is a great relationsheep between an abstract mathematics problem and real life situation. I like my students and want to help them. I was born in Kiev, former the Soviet Union and at 1969 I was graduated from Kiev Pedagogical University with BA in math. FROM 1970 till 1991 I was a teacher of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus at Kiev High School #4. From 1995 till 1998 I was working as a math tutor at Sylvan and Huntington Learning Centers in Los Angeles. Since 1998 till 2010 I was working as a math teacher at Fulton College Prep School teaching Algebra1, Algebra2, ang Geometry. I am retaring from September 1, 2010 Now I am part time Mathematics instructor at the Pierce College teaching Calculus.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, Praxis Exam, PCAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Vladimir C. - PSAT Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

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Patti T. - PSAT Tutor - $37.50/hr. Patti T. - PSAT Tutor - $37.50/hr.

i am pretty relaxed and informal, but I expect students to do the work assigned. I help, but I don't do the work for them. I received a BS in Horticulture from Va. Polytechnic Institute and State University. majored in Biology (Botany) for 3 years at Virginia Commonwealth Univ. and College of William and Mary. Recently retook Precalculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, and Calculus 3 at Virginia Western Community College. I have a background tutoring and running a tutoring center for STEM subjects at a community college for 3 years. I have been tutoring in some form for 6 years. I have a certification in tutoring ESL and several years experience in that.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, GED, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Patti T. - PSAT Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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Dr. G. Douglas L. - PSAT Tutor - $57.00/hr. Dr. G. Douglas L. - PSAT Tutor - $57.00/hr.

Over 20 years private tutor for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, ASVAB, TEAS, Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, statistics, research methods, and psychology for all ages and grade levels I have a PhD with 20 years experience of college teaching Statistics & Psychology Research Methods & Statistics at University of South Florida for 10 years and am now a Professor Faculty member teaching Statistics and PsychoLogy at Keiser University. I have also taught Psychology as a Professor at St. Leo University for 8 years. Students in the classroom and those tutored privately all Comment that my teaching style makes learning and mastering each subject so much easier than they have found from other teachers. Students are taught learning skills that apply to their current subject and they can apply these skills to other subjects.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, GED, FCAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ASVAB, Actuarial Exams, ACT
Dr. G. Douglas L. - PSAT Tutor - $57.00/hr.

$ 57.00

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Dhara S. - PSAT Tutor - $57.50/hr. Dhara S. - PSAT Tutor - $57.50/hr.

About myself: I am a young female education coach providing tutoring and test prep services from elementary to college level. I am an alumni from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a decade of tutoring experience. I offer tutoring services in Phoenix and Surrounding areas and online Via Facetime or Skype all over United States. Subjects: Urban Planning Algebra, Singapore Math, Chemistry, Geometry, Biology, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Psychology, Political Science Sociology, History, Anatomy and more. If you are unsure of a particular subject just ask! Test Prep: ACT, SAT, GRE, GED, ASVAB, TOEFL, PSAT, GMAT, HESI A2 (nursing school entrance exam), TEAS, and NES (teacher certification test) Prices: Range from $50 to $65 per hour. You can also call or text 773-386-3184 You can also visit www.phxtutoring.com to book lessons wi

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, Praxis Exam, Nursing Exam, GRE, GED, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Dhara S. - PSAT Tutor - $57.50/hr.

$ 57.50

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Anna S. - PSAT Tutor - $32.50/hr. Anna S. - PSAT Tutor - $32.50/hr.

I am a learner-centered instructor. When working with an individual I try to understand his or her learning approaches and needs. I believe that I work well with alternative learners and with young adults who may be disaffected with conventional educational methods. I particularly enjoy working with adults and feel that I often learn so much more from them than what I am able to offer. When working with adult learners I respect that their personal lives and needs may intersect with our instructional time. Frequently I will incorporate whatever is going on in their lives into our current "curriculum." Most recently I have worked as a reading specialist. I have over 25 years of experience as an English as a Second/Foreign Language educator. I have taught at all levels k-12, as well as University. I have extensive experience teaching at the adult level and enjoy working with

Also Tutors: GED, Florida Writes, FCAT
Anna S. - PSAT Tutor - $32.50/hr.

$ 32.50

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J J. - PSAT Tutor - $25.00/hr. J J. - PSAT Tutor - $25.00/hr.

Dr. Johnson is a professor of online courses in Medicine, Health, Nursing, Allied Health, Professional Communication, Forensics, Natural Medicine, and Healthcare Informatics that he has taught for over 12 years. His mottos are, “Use the simplest method of teaching when possible” and "Make learning enjoyable.” Having worked with many types of learning environments, he continues to be involved with the development and review of programs, practices, education, and books.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, GED, FCAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ASVAB, ACT
J J. - PSAT Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Shana G. - PSAT Tutor - $132.50/hr. Shana G. - PSAT Tutor - $132.50/hr.

My approach is mastery learning- strategic and patient, at your pace. I work with you to diagnose your biggest weaknesses and teach you advanced strategies for test-taking success. Often times, weaknesses are not just found in content understanding and mastery, but also with test taking strategy and critical analysis technique. After a few 'a-ha' moments, you'll learn the approach you need and the confidence to think like the test maker and master your test! I specialize in working with repeat test takers, and students with test taking anxiety and learning disabilities (ADHD, ADD, Asperger's, Executive Functioning, Dyslexia, and Dyscalcula). I'm Shana! I am a Duke University and University of Maryland School of Law graduate and the Founder and President of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring, LLC (GinsburgAdvancedTutoring.com). I have over 17 years' experience tutoring all standardized tests.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, Praxis Exam, LSAT, GRE, GED, CLAST, ASVAB
Shana G. - PSAT Tutor - $132.50/hr.

$ 132.50

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Elaine D. - PSAT Tutor - $25.00/hr. Elaine D. - PSAT Tutor - $25.00/hr.

I love teaching and learning! I have degrees in English and law, and have over ten years' experience teaching and tutoring in many subjects. I enjoy teaching students at all levels, from struggling learners to second language learners to doctoral candidates. My forte is research and writing, and I am familiar with APA, MLA, and Bluebook format. I can take a good paper and make it great! I work as a teacher and tutor at Lynn University's Writing Center. I tailor my teaching style to individual needs. I like to use Powerpoints, interactive quizzes, and online resources such as quiz flash cards to enhance my tutoring, and if I notice an area of weakness I will find exercises to address the problem. I can also help with study skills.

Also Tutors: Testing Strategies, SAT - Verbal, ACT
Elaine D. - PSAT Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

average per hour



Emily S. - PSAT Tutor - $52.50/hr. Emily S. - PSAT Tutor - $52.50/hr.

I am a full time Tutor with 11 years experience. I specialize in standardized exams, particularly the TEAS, HESI, ACT, SAT, and GED. I have been working with standardized secondary exams, math, and science for the last 8 years- classroom teaching, curriculum writing, and tutoring (both in person and online). I absolutely love working with this material, and helping individual students find their best strategies and achieve their goal score! I begin with standardized testing strategies. I assure my students have a solid understanding of the way their test is written, the types of questions to expect in each section, and the proper approach for each question. I then work to build my students knowledge base in the necessary skill areas. I focus on both the stronger subject areas, and the weaker. I ensure my students not only know what to expect as they progress through their test

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, Nursing Exam, GED, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Emily S. - PSAT Tutor - $52.50/hr.

$ 52.50

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David D. - PSAT Tutor - $67.50/hr. David D. - PSAT Tutor - $67.50/hr.

Engaging, motivating, persistent, and "hands on" to bring out the best in my students. My only goal is my student's ultimate success. CPA (PWC - Big Four) / MBA (NYU - in Finance) with 25 + years of accounting, finance, corporate finance, capital raising,investment banking and mergers and acquisitions experience. My skill sets enable me to leverage my academic and career experiences for my students that allows them to bridge and combine their academic course work with higher education and the business world. I am also an Adjunct Faculty member at both Sacred Heart University's - John F. Welch College and the University of Bridgeport's - Trefz School of Business, where I teach accounting and finance courses at both the undergraduate and MBA degree levels. I also tutor for several professional and licensing exams including: the CPA exam, Praxis levels I and II, and multiple FINRA secu

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Skills, SERIES 7, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, Praxis Exam, GMAT, GED, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
David D. - PSAT Tutor - $67.50/hr.

$ 67.50

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Magdy H. - PSAT Tutor - $80.00/hr. Magdy H. - PSAT Tutor - $80.00/hr.

20 Years teaching and tutoring No student left behind I have experience more than 20 years teaching all levels of math and physics for high schools and college.I have BA in mechanical engineering and MS in mathematics.My research was application of calculus to physics. Tutoring All math for 6 - 12, College, SAT, HSPA, ACT, MCAT(math, Physics), GRE(Math), GED, Chemistry, Engineering, I love working with the students, I have to find my own way to help the students to understand the course. Essex County College, NJCU Physics, math. New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ Newark Public Schools NJ. Private tutor.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Skills, SAT - Math, Praxis Exam, PCAT, MCAT, GRE, GED, ACT
Magdy H. - PSAT Tutor - $80.00/hr.

$ 80.00

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