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Aaron B. - Oboe Tutoring Online - $ 25 to 35 /hr

Aaron B.

  • Can Tutor Online or Nearby
  • Experienced Oboe Lesson
  • Male
  • Member since: 08/2014
  • Will travel up to 20 miles
  • Rates from $25 to $35 /hr
  • On-line In-Home In-Group
  • Also Tutors: Trombone, Cornet, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone, Drums, Percussion

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MUSIC TEACHER Versatile – Dedication – Passion Multi-talented teaching professional; Dedicated to the arts; Compassionate in providing a solid education, and to instill in all students; a positive respect for the appreciation of music; Culturally Diverse in all music genres; Proven ability to capture students inner creativity, skills and abilities; Instructed students in musicianship skills; Maintain a motivated and well-disciplined classroom where each student feels special, cared for, and successful; A trustworthy educator who cultivates a strong relationship with parents, students, and fellow coworkers. Teach and write cadences for Drumline Camps, 1992-2007 Teach and arrange music for Band Camps 2004-2007 Featured Drum Cadence writer and performed in the movie, “Drumline”, 2002.

James B. - Oboe Tutoring Online - $25.00 /hr

James B.

  • Can Tutor Online or Nearby
  • Expert Oboe Tutor
  • Male
  • Member Since: 09/2011
  • Will travel up to 15 miles
  • Tutoring Rate: $25.00 /hr
  • I am a Certified Teacher
  • On-line In-Home In-Group
  • Also Tutors: Trumpet, Saxophone, Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Keyboard, Percussion, Musical, Guitar

Experienced, Certified Tutor with 20+ years experience.

I have been a teacher for 20 years. I have degrees in music but I am also trained in social studies. I have taught private music lessons as well as helped with other work in a tutoring setting. I love working with students one on one. I believe individual help is the best type of learning situation for most students. ph 850-758-5938 email jmbull68@gmail.com

Chelsey Z. - Oboe Tutoring Online - $ 10.00 to 40.00 /hr

Chelsey Z.

  • Can Tutor Online or Nearby
  • Oboe Tutor
  • Female Age 33
  • Member Since: 08/2016
  • Will travel up to 20 miles
  • Rates from $10.00 to $40.00 /hr
  • I am a Certified Teacher
  • On-line
  • Also Tutors: Ukulele, Trombone, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Vocals, Keyboard, Musical

Online Music Lessons and Elementary Test Prep/Homework Help

I am currently a general music teacher at Samsula Academy, an elementary school in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I teach general music classes to students in grades K-5, as well as chorus and band. I received my Bachelor's degree from Marywood University in Scranton, PA and began my Master's studies at University of Central Florida. I currently aspire to study Irish traditional music in Ireland in the near future, and would continue to offer online tutoring services during those studies. At Samsula Academy, I offer private music lessons. I have mostly taught piano, but I also have taught trumpet, trombone, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, and violin. As a part of my undergraduate studies, I took methods courses in all band and orchestra instruments, so I am trained to teach most anything. I also have experience assisting in the elementary classrooms in reading, writing, and math, and preparing ... read more

Jennifer S. - Oboe Tutoring Online - $ 35.00 to 45.00 /hr

Jennifer S.

  • Can Tutor Online or Nearby
  • Experienced Oboe Tutor
  • Female Age 46
  • Member Since: 09/2012
  • Will travel up to 30 miles
  • Rates from $35.00 to $45.00 /hr
  • On-line In-Home In-Group

I can make learning fun and easier for students at any level

I am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Psychology in Educational Leadership (projected graduation 10/2015) at University of the Rockies. I have a total of thirteen years in the business industry, including eight years in financial services, four years running my own businesses. I have been a team mentor and leader, regional mentor, trainer, and for the past 2 ½ years I have been an instructor and tutor at a local college. I am always researching and learning new ways to interact with my students and motivate them towards reaching their full learning potential. My instruction specialties include business, project management, finance, and psychology classes. In my time as an instructor, I have developed the skills necessary to work with a diverse group of students from various backgrounds and with differentiating educational requirements and learning styles. I also mentor at risk students ... read more

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Joining a band and want to blow them away? Select a tutor today. A woodwind instrument played with a double reed; similar to a bassoon, but pitched higher. Some describe its tone as nasal. The sound has also been described as sounding like that of a duck if the duck were a songbird! Make your oboe sing. Select a tutor today. Your oboe tutor is ready and waiting. Select a tutor today.

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