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Keyboard giving you trouble? Piano, organ or computer? Learning, Buying or Selling? Looking for help? Select a tutor today. Keyboards typically contain keys for playing the twelve notes of the Western musical scale, with a combination of larger, longer keys and smaller, shorter keys that repeats at the interval of an octave. Expert tutors can help. Select a tutor now. Select a keyboard tutor today on your terms, on your schedule, to suit your needs and within budget.

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In 2010, American Style Magazine ranked Atlanta as the ninth-best city for the arts. Paint a rosy future. Select a tutor today. Atlanta is considered to be a top business city and is a primary transportation hub of the Southeastern United States. Over 75% of the Fortune 1000 companies have a presence in the Atlanta area, and the region hosts offices of about 1,250 multinational corporations.

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Delia C. - Decatur, GA 30032 (6.6 mi) - $65/hr.

Delia C. - Decatur, GA 30032 (6.6 mi) - $65/hr.

I am a muti-instrumentalist. I have taught in group and in private lessons. I also have many experiences in perform. I perform from small ensembles all the way to solo and large Orchestra and Bands. I teach all ages and all types of students from no music experiences to the intermediate. I really do love music and this is my passion. I believe everyone have some music in them. Every student is different.

Also Tutors: Violin, Saxophone, Piano

Delia C. - Decatur, GA 30032 (6.6 mi) - $65/hr.


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Lauren R. - Atlanta, GA 30344 (8 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $62.50/hr. Lauren R. - Atlanta, GA 30344 (8 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $62.50/hr.

Over 10 years of piano teaching experience, with 6 years at a reputable Atlanta private school. I have maintained a studio of 20-60 private students, with students performing in two recitals each year. Students have ranged in age from preschool to senior citizen. As a music therapist, I am also familiar with many developmental disabilities and special needs, and have taught students with ADD/ADHD, Autism, and Asperger's Syndrome. Focus on music reading, music theory, and technical skills (scales, arpeggios, etc)

Also Tutors: Piano
Lauren R. - Atlanta, GA 30344 (8 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $62.50/hr.

$ 62.50

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Joel M. - Marietta, GA 30067 (9.1 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $60.00/hr. Joel M. - Marietta, GA 30067 (9.1 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $60.00/hr.

- Understanding the topic in-depth rather than learning off random facts. - Make the class as easy and fun as possible. I have currently finished 2nd-year Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick, Ireland. I love working with people and helping them in their studies and Musical interests. I have given classes on maths and physics before for high school and college-level students. These are topics I am really interested in and I want to help kids understand these topics better and develop a passion for it. I am also very interested in playing the keyboard. I was preparing kids for their Trinity keyboard grade exams in Ireland.

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Joel M. - Marietta, GA 30067 (9.1 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $60.00/hr.

$ 60.00

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hsin g. - Newnan, GA 30265 (26.9 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $27.50/hr. hsin g. - Newnan, GA 30265 (26.9 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $27.50/hr.

Learning to play piano does not only improve kids' grades at school, but it also brings joy and peace to the earth. This is the reason why the prophets in the bible give their prophecy when musicians bring down the anointing from heaven. God has create a special gift for His children here on earth. This gift can help us to overcome every stage of struggle and every opposition in our everyday lives. This gift can help us win the victories in our daily battles of life. We can become victors in many situations. No matter the stituation is our sicknesses, or mental illnesses, or finance struggles. This gift can also bring love, peace, and joy into our hearts so that we can live life abundantly . This gift is called "music". Is your heart melted by piano music? If yes, you have come in to the right place. Classical Music

Also Tutors: Piano
hsin g. - Newnan, GA 30265 (26.9 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $27.50/hr.

$ 27.50

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Jimmy M. - Gainesville, GA 30504 (38.1 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $30.00/hr. Jimmy M. - Gainesville, GA 30504 (38.1 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $30.00/hr.

Adaptive. I have a background in experiential education and believe that the method is not as important as the end result of having assimilated, understood, and taught back the information. I believe in creative learning techniques and hope to inspire a love of learning alongside the discipline of learning itself. I currently work as a substitute teacher at Riverside Military Academy. I've worked with elementary children and teenagers extensively. My most recent position serves twenty and thirty somethings in their personal and spiritual formation. I have published my writing, acted on stage, spoken before thousands and mentored dozens. My personal intent is to explore life, discover new things, tackle hard challenges and inspire others to do the same. I believe in the value of the individual and don't believe one-size-fits-all.

Also Tutors: Piano, Vocals
Jimmy M. - Gainesville, GA 30504 (38.1 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

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