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Katharine S.


I am not young enough to know everything

Batavia, IL 60510

Female ( Age 36 )

Member since:08/2012

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About Me

Experience Summary

You will see from my resume below that I have strong experience in math, science, engineering and computers. It is worth mentioning that I am also skilled in english (5 on my AP World Lit exam) and art (voted most artistic in my senior high school class). I have also tutored at least 4 students in the past, and found it to be a successful and rewarding experience. Katharine P. Snell Katie.snell@hotmail.com Address: 1026 Millview Ct. | Batavia, Il 60510 | 630-207-3819 (mobile) SUMMARY A personable and accessible electrical engineer with a talent for analytical thinking and completing time-sensitive tasks; creative and assertive, enjoys learning and understanding a process from beginning to end. Would like an opportunity to grow towards the status of subject matter expert. EDUCATION University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering; focus in Bio-Engineering December 2009 GPA (Last 2 Years): 3.77/4.00 WORK EXPERIENCE Design Verification Engineer Microsoft (XBOX Console Development and Test) – Mountain View, CA March 2010 – October 2011 • Core Responsibilities: o Create test processes for Voltage Regulator (Linear and Switching) circuits and Junction Temperature Monitor circuit o Write test procedure documents for owned subsystems and undergo procedural reviews and document storage o Create test plan based on platform changes, build resources, and schedule o Execute testing and debug for VR and JTM circuits and recommend any circuit, spec or test changes o File any bugs and tasks in tracking software for visibility o Summarize test findings in a test report document and assess robustness of owned subsystems o Such testing included: • VR: input and output DC voltage and ripple; input and output current; turn-on time and overshoot; efficiency; thermals; source and load stability; and switch-node characteristics • JTM: Electrical behavior on diode lines; thermal accuracy; fan response; and frequency response • Extra-Mile: o Choose second-source VR controller and perform preliminary testing o Create an experiment to statistically determine the number of boards that should used in VR testing o Support Dev Team in time-critical JTM debug o Review entire Xbox schematic to understand the purpose of the circuit design o Create circuit board. Including such work as: • Select parts, lay out schematic, perform board layout o Expand Verilog->C DPI used as the test harness in System Verification o Analyze Game Test Code for bugs and compose solutions o Obtain source code for new game to update stress test o Act as Supporting Dev Engineer to console build in China. Responsibilities included: • ID board issues, test issues, and isolated failures; determine when build should be halted for issue debug; determine when a board should be debugged at factory/back in US; debug boards; and create solutions Hardware Engineering Intern Microsoft (XBOX Console Development and Test) – Mountain View, CA May - August 2009 • Core Responsibilities: o Create report that identifies limitations in retail console testing o Create document summarizing existing test tools o Create diagnostic approach to assess the general health of bootable, DevKit console o Create test methodology to automatically test multiple consoles in parallel; identify problematic subsystems; direct console to appropriate groups for specialized debug; file more detailed bugs; force the manifestation of intermittent failures; and streamline test process o Create GUI that automates test methodology, while still allowing for user-modified test cases • Extra-Mile: o Learning how to crack Xbox consoles; run various tests on Retail and DevKits; design Machine Maps for testing on multiple consoles; automate test runs in the current environment; load tests onto, and delete tests off of, the console; modify XML files to change various aspects of a test or suite; check-in, open, modify, and read details of code using Source Depot o Studying console subsystems through technical documents and specialist interviews o Using XML formatting on data files used in GUI to make for more modular and easily updatable code Plug-In Power Intern Texas Instruments (Plug-In Power) – Warrenville, IL May - August 2008 • Core Responsibilities: o Create test methodology for characterizing devices over frequency o Design universal test board for transformers, inductors, capacitors, and resistors o Use equipment such as: • Ridley AP200 High Frequency Analyzer, Visual Basic, Quadtech Tektronix Function Generator (and its associated curve programmer), RLC meter, Omnify Database, and Material Content Analysis • Extra-Mile: o Write Visual Basic Program that interprets, organizes, and charts data from a floppy o Mill PCB and solder on components (both surface mount and through hole) o Write Visual Basic program that parses multiple BOMs to create a master parts list o Automate database entry through programs and macros in Visual Basic Excel o Contact various TI suppliers and create document that summarizes information regarding suppliers devices (ROHS, MSL, material content, CAS) Research Assistant Brain Computer Interface Research – Urbana, IL May 2007 – May 2008 • Core Responsibilities: o Become certified lab assistant for running human/biological experiments o Run experiments using EMG devices and EEG cap o Record and analyze experiment findings o Present data to group • Extra-Mile: o Act as project manager of research group • Find and order lab supplies • Schedule experiments • Record and summarize results for group • Liaison between related research groups to coordinate findings and resources o Use programs/tools such as: • Labview, Daqview, and EEG EXTRACURRICULAR • Lifetime member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery.) • Member and Social Chair (2007-2009) of Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering. • Member of the National Honor Society (2005) and the James Scholar Program (2006). • University of Illinois Engineering Council Representative (2007-2009) • Co-Chair/Treasurer (2006-2009) of ACM SigBio. • Volunteer work in Kids 'n Chem, adult math tutor, adopt-a-pathway, etc • Illustration and graphics experience including photography, developing, screen-printing, t-shirt design, mural work and intaglio. • Engineering Open House projects: (Cellular Automata Simulation, 2007; Autonomous hovercraft, 2008; BioShock Laser Tag, 2009) TECHNICAL SKILLS • AutoCAD • Autodesk Inventor Professional • C, C++, C# Programming Language (including GUI and Robot-programming experience) • VHDL and Verilog • HSPICE, CosmosScope and CSPICE • Fabrication Lab Devices • Visual Basic (excel) • EEG Cap Application • Labview • Web Applications • JMP • Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver • Python Programming Language • Microcontroller Programming • FPGA Programming • Assembly Programming • Bug-filing Applications • TeamCenter • Welding/Soldering (Arc, Oxy-Acetylene, MIG, TIG, Plasma Cutting)

Teaching Style

I agree with the concept that each person learns a bit differently, and even more so that as a tutor, I should try and find the most effective style for my tutee. My academic career also taught me the importance of setting time limits for each action item; and switching tasks to keep the mind sharp.

Other Comments

I am planning on starting grad school in january 2013, aiming to get a PhD in bionanotechnology (through school of Electrical Engineering at either Northwestern or University of Illinois). Until school starts, however, I would like to keep working, and think that a tutoring job will keep me both engaged, and funded. I also own two horses, and if it would be of interest, could bring tutees to the barn to meet them.


Type Level Year Title Issued By
Degree Bachelors 2009 B.S. Electrical and Computer Eng... University of Illinois (Urbana-C...
Certification Substitute 2012 Substitute Teacher's Certificate Kane County
Certification Attendee 2012 Summer Institute on Bio Nanotech... University of Illinois (Urbana-C...

Subject Commentary

All Subjects I Tutor

  • ACT
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Algebra III
  • American History
  • Basic Learning Skills
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Bio-Medical Engineering
  • C++
  • CAD
  • Calculus I
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  • Chemistry
  • College Algebra
  • Composition
  • Computer
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  • Microsoft Access
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  • Painting
  • Perl
  • Physics
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  • Poetry
  • Political Science
  • Pre-Algebra
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  • Psychology
  • Python
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