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Jenn W.


Success Does Not Stop Until You Let it. Push on!

Katy, TX 77494


Member since:12/2011

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About Me

Experience Summary

I have 19 years of experience in tutoring. I was recognized in 2011 as "The Youngest Successful Entrepreneur in the Country" at the time. In 2015, my tutoring company was recognized as "Top in the State of Texas Among Its Industry." At age 18, I published my first book followed by receiving "National Scholar" award for having scholarly writing the level most do not until they reach executive level. I was recognized in high school as being in the "Top 3% of the Nation Among High School Students" twice. The first time for leadership and second for academics. By hiring me, you will receive top in the country quality education. I have a 100% success rate among those who follow my program, directions, and do homework I assign. Please call or text me if we can talk more. Jennifer A Whitaker www.booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com Katy, TX 77494 346-800-1912 info@booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com

Teaching Style

I give an assessment to each student on the first day. I will know the areas of weakness, and learning style by the end of it. I will design a custom lesson plan to address the "roots" of her struggle using the appropriate teaching method for her learning style. Too many times, students struggle because the teacher is using the wrong teaching method, not the students' intellects. Jennifer A Whitaker www.booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com Katy, TX 77494 346-800-1912 info@booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com

My Hobbies

Personally I enjoy social activities as simple as going to Starbucks and starting a conversation with random people to continually get to know and meet new people. I love to read, and constantly research to broaden my knowledge every day. Among all, I enjoy spending all day in my books reading. My second career, which is relaxing, is writing books. I am a published author. Jennifer A Whitaker www.booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com Katy, TX 77494 346-800-1912 info@booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com

Other Comments

I am a hard working, determined educator with multiple disabilities. As one who struggled, though graduated in the top of the country, a long list of parents prefer my tutoring. These parents consider me an inspiration and example of where children can get in life through hard work even though they have disabilities. Among all to teach a special needs kid, why not the top in the country that is disabled too? That said, you do not have to have a disability to deserve top in the country quality education. I teach people of all ages, grades, and academic levels. Jennifer A Whitaker www.booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com Katy, TX 77494 346-800-1912 info@booksandmorebyJenniferAWhitaker.com


Type Level Year Title Issued By
Award National 2011 Who's Who Among Executives and P... Who's Who Society
Award National 2003 National Society of High School ... National High School Scholars So...
Degree Bachelors 2008 BS in Accounting Liberty University
Degree Masters 2011 27 of 30 credits towards MS in A... Liberty University

Subject Commentary

Accounting Proficiency: Expert
I have 11 years of experience tutoring, teaching and homeschooling accounting. I also have my MS in Accounting, and BS in Accounting and I am very proficient as I have also performed as an accountant and financial director before. Thank You.
ACT Proficiency: Experienced
I am very skilled in teaching ACT as many of my students and I have scored top of the knotch on the Math part of the ACT to get scholarships to college due to high math scores.
ADD/ADHD Proficiency: Expert
I am highly skilled in working with students with ADHD and ADD as I have taught many to concentrate without parents having to put them on medication. Through being able to concentrate, these students have performed to levels parents did not know their child could perform to. Many students have skills and potential and being ADHD or ADD will not stop the potential. I have seen it in many students who have even become all A students from my help. Thank You.
Algebra I Proficiency: Expert
I have more than 10 years of experience tutoring and teaching algebra. I have homeschooled families and I have tutored others after school. Through the years, I have seen many who have come to me with F's and left with A's. I have seen the difference to know my teaching can take any student to do well and become an A student off of tutoring. If tutoring is needed, I have high interest in helping any child become more proficient in their math talent.
Algebra II Proficiency: Expert
I have 11 years of experience tutoring and homeschooling Algebra II. I have taught the course to some and I have tutored others after school. Many have come to me with F's to become all A's students. Some I have also helped with chemestry and other related subjects. Some have seen the difference with only 2 hours of tutoring a week due to my high talent to teach in little needed time. Thank You.
ASVAB Proficiency: Expert
We have professional test preping tutors who are experienced with helping with the ASVAB. Some of our tutors specialize in the english, vocab and writing sections, while others specialize in math and arithmetic. We have history of taking people from 36 to 69 or 52 or 86. We would like to perform this for you so you can join the military.
Business Proficiency: Expert
We have professionals who work on the side as tutors. Some are college professors who are deeply skilled in teaching, and lecturing who can teach you MBA or other business courses. Some of our professional tutors also work in business and can help open you to every day business situations.
Chemistry Proficiency: Expert
I have 10 years of experience tutoring students in chemestry to include high school and college general education courses. Many have come with C's and I have made A students out of them. Through simiplifying the concepts, many have been able to learn it regardless of how hard it is when they come to me. Any student has a great potential.
College Algebra Proficiency: Experienced
College Algebra is probably one of my favorite courses to teach. I have taught it to many who found it hard and later realized how easy it can be. If it is difficult, I would like to show you the simple way to solve so you do not have to hate it. Many have learned to like math with my help. Thank You.
Communications Proficiency: Expert
As far as communication, most of what I teach is related to business and professional development. Most of it is to improve writing, vocabulary, speaking and many other forms that relate to developing communication skills appropriate for professional development.
Composition Proficiency: Expert
As far as composition, I have taught research to include graduate level and I have taught business writing or other business communication to either newly employeed or current college students. I am very skilled in this and have helped the newly employed get raises and promotions for becoming more skilled in their writing.
Economics Proficiency: Expert
I have over 12 years of experience teaching economics. I started in high school when I took an economics class to begin my college studies that no one in my class seemed to get the way I did. Over the years, I have taught micor, macro, and MBA economic courses. I now have many years of teaching up to graduate studies. Thank You.
Elementary Proficiency: Expert
I am very experience with nearly 13 years of experience helping with elementary students. Some of them are special needs and I have made the difference for many parents. I have helped with academics to include, reading, writing and math. As far as reading, I have taught phonics and comprehention.
Elementary Math Proficiency: Expert
As math is my favorite subject to teach, I highly enjoy helping the youth develope math skills early. I have 11 years of experience working with elementary aged students to help them learn math to include, basic adding, and subtracting, up to multiplication and the vary basics of pre-algebra as learned in the fifth grade curriculum.
Elementary Phonics Proficiency: Expert
I have 11 years of experience helping students learn the basic and advanced laws of phonics to become better readers. I have done this for many using various types of learning and teaching methods based on the type of learner and any associated disadvantage the child may have. Some who have come to me are in special needs and it has to do with the child not knowing and others have moved and the school districts were on different curriculums. Regardless of why the child is behind, I have a way to teach him or her to reach their potential.
English Proficiency: Expert
I have over 12 years of experience in tutoring and teaching that includes helping as young as elementary in reading, and writing, and up through graduate students in proofreading, and editing or helping write research papers to include thesis and dissertations. This includes high school english and middle school english. I am excellent with grammer, punctuation, and other concepts of writing.
Finance Proficiency: Expert
I have very experienced with finance. I have helped with finance majors, accounting majors and MBA majors who study various levels of difficulty of financial studies. I had to study it in college when I found it easy and began to teach it on the side. I have had great success in showing students how easy it can be through breaking it down in good lingo based on the type of learner they are.
GED This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Expert
I highly enjoy helping with GED test prep. My favorite is in teaching math. I have helped many who have been out of school for a while to first teach them the basic math needed to do well, to then provide practice tests to help them get ready and make sure they are well prepared before actually taking the exam. I have also started with diagnosis tests to first determine what needs to be reveiwed to have them well prepared.
Geometry Proficiency: Expert
Geometry is probably my favorite high school math course to teach. Through teaching it for 12 years, I have been able to make A students out of many who at one point were failing the course. It can be easy and I would like to show you how to make it easy. Thank You.
Grammar Proficiency: Expert
I am very proper with my writing and have always been picky that everything is properly writen. Due to such, I have a heart to help any one who wants to learn to be proper and etiquette in their writing to include learning the proper grammer. Some I have taught are ESL students who did not understand english well, while others just did not have the talent for it as I have helped them develope better understanding and better skills in writing.
GRE Proficiency: Experienced
WE are a team of professional tutors. I have experience tutoring the quantitative with proven results. We also have english tutors who have history of helping students succeded in the verbal section through teaching one-on-one.
Homework Help Proficiency: Expert
I have over 10 years of experience providing general homework help. I have helped with mostly K12 unless the homework in college was writing, research, or accounting and finanace based. I have helped with all subjects in the K12 curriculum.
Language Arts Proficiency: Expert
Two of our tutors are english teachers with experience in teaching and college degrees. They also have state licenses to teach. We provide homeschooling by teachers and after school tutoring in english, writing and language arts.
Marketing Proficiency: Expert
We have many MBA tutors who tutor various MBA courses. Some of them also tutor both graduate and undergraduate marketing. Some work in professional work that entails marketing and can help apply it to real world situations as you go through the book. Others are college professors and are more than qualified to teach.
Math This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Expert
I have over 12 years of experience tutoring and teaching math. My experience includes teaching K12, college and graduate studies of math. I have taught elementary math, and high school math as well as college math to include business courses that are math based. I highly enjoy teaching math and helping make it easy, fun and enjoyable to anyone who finds it hard or worth hating. It really can be fun and easy and I will show you how. Thank You.
Pre-Algebra Proficiency: Expert
I have 13 years of experience simplifying pre-algebra for many families. I enjoy helping students with it to include college students and junior high aged. It can be easy and I can help any one who finds it hard to realize how easy it can be. You can learn it. I will show you the tricks.
Reading Proficiency: Expert
I am very experienced as reading may be one of my favorite subjects to teach. I have taught students reading comprehention as well as phonics and various other aspects of reading. I have also taught many of my reading students how to express it better on paper which is more towards the writing subject.
SAT - Math Proficiency: Expert
I have 11 years of experience helping students prepare for the SAT Math. I have helped many score high enough to get scholarships. Many have come to me with a hard time in math overall and I have simplified the concepts on the course material on the SAT to help them better prepare for the exam. I do it first with a diagnosis test to then teach the material they need to know to improve the score they made on the diagnosis into the scolarly score that both I and the parents want the students to achieve.
Special Education Proficiency: Expert
I have 13 years of experience with special needs students. As mentioned, I have helped many learn to overcome the disadvantages in ways that have improved their ability to learn. The ways of doing this vary based on the type of special needs the student has. I am very experienced and skilled to help with almost any subject for those with learning disadvantages and I have a strong heart to help everyone of them excel. They have a great potential and I enjoy helping them learn and reach their academic goals.
Statistics Proficiency: I know the basics
I have a passion for statistics students. I have 11 years of experience tutoring and teaching it. As far as teaching, I have taught the who course to online students that needed lectures. I took them all the way through the course. Majority of these students who allowed me to teach them and did the studies I assigned finished with A's. Some were in graduate studies to include Ph. D programs and MBA programs and others were in undergraduate studies to include psych, nursing,and business studies. The few who did not do well, were not dedicated and did not study. Those who listened in my lectures and did the homework passed with A's. If you are serious, I can help you make the A you want.
Study Skills Proficiency: Expert
I have 10 years of experience tutoring and teaching study skills. I have taught many how to study to include proper study skills, proper study methods, note taking and many other aspects to becoming a better student to make better grades. Commonly these students have low overal performance that improves once they know how to study.
Testing Skills Proficiency: Expert
As far as testing skills, most of my experience involves helping students with test anxiety to overcome the anxiety, cope with it, and to become better overall test takers. I have my methods which have made new records for them passing exams well preped for and only failing if they do not study.
Writing This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Expert
I have over 10 years of experience teaching students to be better writers. I have taught the basics of proper grammer, punctuation, and other basics to elementary students and advanced people as far as becoming better professionals through improved business writing. Some of my business writing students are ESL so I taught them the proper word usage, tenses, punctuation and so forth to include various forms and levels of writing. Some of the students have become professionals working for the government to be very formal and successful. I have taught as basic as elementary and as advanced as government writing.

All Subjects I Tutor

  • Accounting
  • ACT
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • American History
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Chess
  • College Algebra
  • Communications
  • Composition
  • Computer
  • Dyslexia
  • Economics
  • Elementary
  • Elementary Math
  • Elementary Phonics
  • Elementary Science
  • Elementary Social Studies
  • English
  • Finance
  • GED
  • Geography
  • Geometry
  • GMAT
  • Grammar
  • GRE
  • Homework Help
  • Language Arts
  • Literature
  • Marketing
  • Math
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Pre-Algebra
  • PSAT
  • Reading
  • Resume Writing
  • SAT - Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education
  • Statistics
  • Study Skills
  • Testing Skills
  • Writing